Embracing Change: Our Journey from Etsy to a Personalized Webshop Experience

Happy New Year to all our valued customers and readers! As we embrace the start of another year, it's time for new beginnings and fresh opportunities. We're thrilled to share an exciting development with you: We've transitioned from Etsy to our very own webshop, now proudly hosted on Shopify!

Our Etsy Legacy

Our journey began on Etsy, where our stores "HUNmadestore" and "Cuttingboarder" flourished beyond our wildest dreams. With over 40,000 sales and more than 4,000 combined 5-star reviews, we built a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. These numbers aren't just statistics; they represent the trust and support you've shown in our craft over the years.

Why the Move?

While Etsy was a great starting point, we encountered limitations that prompted us to seek a better way to serve you. We faced challenges with Etsy's systems, which sometimes led to transaction errors and listing glitches. These issues, as minor as they may seem, had a significant impact, occasionally causing inconvenience and confusion for you, our dear customers.

Building Direct Connections

One of our core aspirations has been to forge a deeper connection with you. On Etsy, our ability to communicate and engage was restricted. With our own store, we can now interact directly, listen to your feedback in real-time, and foster a community where your voice is heard loud and clear.

A Canvas for Our Creations

Showcasing our products on Etsy often felt like fitting a square peg into a round hole. We longed for a space where we could present our items in a way that truly reflects their uniqueness. Our new Shopify-based webshop gives us the freedom to display our products exactly how we envision, bringing each item's story to life.

Improved Service and Savings

This move isn't just about aesthetics and communication; it's about enhancing your overall experience. Our dedicated platform enables us to offer faster, more efficient customer service. Plus, without the extra fees associated with a third-party platform, we're excited to offer you the same high-quality products at even more affordable prices!

Your Thoughts Matter

As we embark on this journey with Shopify, we’re eager to hear from you. What features would make your shopping experience unforgettable? Your suggestions will be the driving force behind our continuous enhancement efforts.

A Heartfelt Thanks

We owe this new chapter to you. Your unwavering support has been our motivation to strive for better, to create a shopping experience that's worthy of your time and trust. Here's to a year of new beginnings, endless creativity, and stronger connections.

We can't wait to welcome you to our new online home, where every click strengthens the bond we share with each one of you.

Embracing Change: Our Journey from Etsy to a Personalized Webshop Experience
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